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I have a deep love and appreciation for small businesses, charity work, and above all people. I have always been a very driven multi-tasker. The can-do will-do approach my company uses has always been my motto.
An entrepreneur at heart, I started my first business Zero Gravity Dance at the age of 23. At the same time, I took over a non-profit athletic center and turned it into a for-profit, Zero Gravity Athletics, and merged the two. Being able to serve the youth and families of Kitsap was an honor that I wore as my badge for 14 years. In the middle of that era, I also started Rock a Buy children's consignment and play center complete with an espresso bar.
How did I go from all of that to being the Mortgage Professional you see today? Apparently, the plan was already written for me before I knew it and it became a natural fit. Helping families into homes is a part of goal setting much like the gymnast I coached throughout the years. I love coaching, educating, and encouraging so the homebuying aspects with clients are like coming home for me. Many of my current clients came from those businesses I used to own and I am truly blessed I still have them in my life. I also am active with several charities and run a Networking Group in Kitsap. If that isn’t enough I make sure to spend time with my 2 children, Cole and Olivia. My processes and habits have turned into a life I wake up every day excited for while allowing me precious family time.

Leigh's Bio

I have been working in the mortgage industry for almost 7 years, but as a child of a mortgage broker, I never knew a time when homeownership and service to the community weren’t a priority in my family’s home.
I am a Kitsap County native-born and raised. I went to college overseas in Spain and to WSU where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree. I have enjoyed being well-traveled, but I am always drawn back to my roots and I enjoy helping people put down their own roots.
I am passionate about my community, giving back, and helping people achieve their dream of homeownership in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I believe strong communities are critical because they’re often an important source of social connection and a sense of belonging. Participating in a community bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.
Since partnering with Kenda I have found joy as one-half of the HOME GIRLS TEAM showing up to highlight our fellow hardworking entrepreneurs, raising awareness when the need arises, and delivering substantive change to continue to build strong communities. I live, work and thrive here and I know you will too!

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